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Moo(n) Zerowaste Market

What's the whole meaning of zerowaste? If you look it up it says 'Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean.'

It's a bit of daunting word as it's really tricky to not produce any rubbish at all - but times are definitely changing and there are becoming more and more options available to us to make this a lot easier.

One woman on a mission to tackle the waste issue is Lynsey Burns who is the organiser of the Moo(n) Market, which is a market that has so far been based in Muir of Ord village hall and has been a wonderful success! The first two markets have have been packed full of people looking for an alternative way of shopping. Lots of people keen to take along their own containers and have a rummage through some second hand and vintage clothing, eco-friendly or upcyled items to find something unique!

When is the next Market?

This Sunday 26th May 12 - 2pm in Muir of Ord Village Hall.

What's available?

As the market is based around reducing our waste - there are going to be several vintage clothes stall, beeswax wraps, eco-products, plastic free wholefoods, Strathpeffer Artisan bread will be there with their fresh bread in compostable bags, Mallownuts, soaps, upcyled products and of course coffee and cake from Bad Girl Bakery! The market is different each month so there's always something new to see. Marybank school also have a stall where you can buy some affordable kids clothing - with profits all going back to the school.

What's Let's Go Lentil doing?

We will be taking along all of our usual wholefoods (and we have new products! check out the products page for more info) We will also be making our new Let's Go Lentil Now food for the market. This will include 2 different types of salad so if you are going to be looking for some food to go or sit outside with (let's hope for some sun!) please try and remember your own tub (and even fork if you can!) - you will receive a discount of course! If we do have to provide some kind of container we very much put the emphasis on bringing these back to us - this includes our houmous and dip jars - let's reuse wherever we can!

Really exciting to see this kind of market happening in Muir of Ord and to see if be such a success! It seems that people are really ready to see a change in the way things happen at the moment and this can totally be seen by the whole buzz around this market so far! Look forward to seeing you there :)