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Let's Go Lentil Now!

What's all this about then?

Well we know that sometimes there just isn't the time to cook your wholefoods or maybe you just don't know what the heck to do with them so we decided to make things a bit easier and we will be making some ready to eat wholefoods to buy, first sales from this Saturday at Cromarty Market.

What are you making then?

Well we're starting off with Energy Bites in 3 different flavours; ginger & cashew, hazelnut & raisin and turmeric & lemon. All are packed with good stuff to keep your energy levels going and, well, they also taste pretty good! We will also have our Classic Houmous, Caramalised Onion Homous and our Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Dip. As well as all of that we will have a lovely Moroccan Couscous Salad.

Our ingredients will be (as much as possible) made up of Let's Go Lentil ingredients and local produce. This week we will be using veg from Knockfarrell Produce and homegrown herbs.

How does that work without the plastic then?

Well the houmous and dips are in glass jars and the salad will be ready to be weighed out into your own container tub. If – heaven forbid – you forget your container – you can take a plastic tub that we will have with us for your use.

That’s still plastic though? Yes it is but we are providing these tubs and jars in the hope that you will bring them back to us so we can wash and reuse them all over again so nobody has to buy any new ones. Every Jar or salad tub you take back to us you will receive money off your next purchase!

50p off for the jars and 25p for the salad tubs or if you bring your own container for the salad then of course that's a discount for you too!

Check out our market dates and be sure to give us some suggestions of foods you would like to see ready to buy!