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12 Reasons to shop Local

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

.. when it's more expensive, time consuming and just not that convenient..

1. Decide where you actually want your money to go.. directly to the farmer, baker or small business down the road or in the back pocket of the CEO of a huge supermarket. Let's keep our money in our local economy.

2. If you're buying food, it tastes a million times better than supermarket food.

3. Well the supermarket system is far too complex to even try and understand but basically the food has travelled a very long way to get there. Get your food locally and it means it's far more nutritious and much fresher.

4. Decide to support your local coffee shop or restaurant over that huge chain and that means you've helped to support your local community. Also, how much nicer is it to go somewhere that has loads of independent wee places rather than just the high street usuals. The better the place looks and feels, well that means the more people will come and before you know it, there is a thriving economy that you've helped create.

5. The people growing your food locally are working ridiculously hard, as in it never stops. There are much easier ways to go about making a living and definitely ways that pay more but these are the people that, for one reason or another, are working really hard to produce food that's good for us and I reckon we should probably support them on that.

6. You get to meet the people that made it, grew it, sourced it and believe in it!

7. The more of us that buy local, the more local food will be available. Have you seen pictures of local markets in other countries? It's a perfectly normal way to do your shopping! The more we shop locally, the more demand there is for local business', the more opportunities there are for people to set up a local business and there more outlets for local shopping it's all about the circular economy.

8. It's a very sociable way to do your shopping and you can really make a morning or afternoon of it if you feel like it.

9. Let's teach our kids where our food actually comes from! They can meet the farmer that grew their food and see real food out of it's plastic packaging.

10. Less food miles is obviously far better for the environment .

11. Food security... anyone been in the situation where the food can't get trucked in because of the snow or some other reason? We are so reliant at the moment on a very fragile system that has the ability to leave our supermarket shelves empty in just a matter of days and then what? We all think it can't happen to us but the reality is that it can happen very quickly and so for that reason just on it's own, we need to start looking closer to home.

12. Show someone you care and buy them something unique. Locally made things are so much more appreciated as gifts than mass produced items that don't mean anything to anyone really.