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Due to Covid-19, we deicded to stop doing our Ready To Go Range and concentrate on the wholefood delivery side for now but we hope to see you back at a market near you in the not too distant future 


As well as bringing you package free wholefoods so that you can cook up a storm at home, we also now make ready made snacks, salads and treats for you to takeaway.  All of our food is made with our organic wholefoods and although we don't cater exclusively for specific diets or lifestyles - you will find that most of our food is vegan friendly and much of it doesn't include sugar, flour or eggs.  


Packaging (or lack of it) is very important to us and our ethos.  All of our dips and houmous are packaged in glass jars and you will receive a 50p discount off your next purchase when you return these to us.

We are absolutely delighted when people bring their own container to fill up with their takeaway salads but we can also offer a pre-loved plastic tub for you to use if you don't have one with you. Return this to us for 25p off your next purchase.

Let's not create waste or demand for more plastic when we don't have to! 

Here are some of the ready to go foods you can expect to find out our stall. 

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Houmous & Dips

Packed full of organic pulses and flavour, our dips and houmous are fantastic way to add another level to your sandwich, wrap, pasta or salad or just a way to make raw veg sticks that bit more interesting!


Sweet Treats

Our treats so far include these black bean brownies! Extremely tasty even without the egg, dairy or flour and again absolutely packed with organic black beans and raw cacao powder, these tasty treats are full of feel good foods.

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We will be bringing a selection of fresh, tasty salads each week to the markets and you can take as much or as little of these as you like.  We will always be using organic wholefoods in our salads and where possible we will try to include local fruit and veg.  

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Energy Bites

These wee bites are full of all the good stuff and although they taste sweet, there is no added sugar (or eggs, flour or dairy) They are made from nuts, seeds, spices and fruit and so loaded with protein to give you an extra boost.