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How'd it all start? 



Hmm....it was kind of a whole combination of things including watching blue planet and other documentaries, hearing what some wiser people than me have to say, trying to eat healthier and seeing that other countries all over the world are making an effort to ditch the plastic and thinking we should have access to this in the Highlands.  This (combined with a few too many drinks one night) somehow resulted in Let's Go Lentil!

I believe that eating well is so important in all aspects of our health but also know that it's not always easy, especially when we're surrounded with fast food or ready to eat foods that are so handy to eat when we are too busy, tired, stressed or just not feeling great.  Eating well involves cooking from scratch and that takes a wee bit of time, a little bit of knowing how to do it, some motivation and some organisation.  Even writing that down sounds complicated! But I think once we get a few basic recipes under our belt, get the slow cooker out (if you have one), find quick healthy recipes that anyone can follow, then we can save ourselves loads of money, feel loads better and get more energy that will help us stop falling into the same trap again.

So I'm still working on all of this myself and have been trying out some new quick, cheap recipes that I'll often share on social media.  Recently, and really excitingly, we now also make ready to go healthy foods with our organic wholefoods - you can read all about that on the FOOD TO GO page.  Best thing about that is working with my friend and business partner Catriona, we have been friends since 1st year at Dingwall Academy which was - scarily enough - over 20 years ago! 



I love food. I learnt to cook as a child and ever since then I've loved to create new recipes and taste new cuisines. Funnily enough, all those years ago in Dingwall Academy I wrote a cook book for Lyn to share my recipes and persuade her to try them and to show her how easy and quick it could be - no idea if this book still exists?!  Not all of them very healthy I'm sure but it wasn't, and still isn't, all about that for me. Fast forward 20 years and she's the one inspiring me to try out new ingredients, create new meals and think about food in a different way.

I can't really remember a time when I wasn't conscious about recycling and waste (food or otherwise), and for that I have my parents to thank. However, it was when I was living in Manchester that I learnt about how big the plastic problem was, you guessed it - I watched Blue Planet - and started to make some small changes to how I lived....reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, loose produce, reusable water bottles and coffee cups etc. There was something missing though, there was nowhere to buy completely packaging free food.


So for me Let's Go Lentil Now! is about combining these two parts of my life and trying to inspire and support those in the local community. We're not going to be perfect.....there is a constant battle between shopping local, no plastic, dietary requirements, supporting local industry, fuel emissions, convenience etc.......but we'll give it a good go.

This time round I want to share our ideas further afield, but I'll make them this time instead of just telling you how!

When you see us, please let us know what culinary creations you have been making with our loose products or if you have any flavour inspiration for new Food To Go items. I really do love to talk about food!